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Strengthening gender data


Using new data sources to help fight climate change


Strengthening governance and accountability

Who We Are

The Data for Change Foundation incubates and accelerates innovative data projects to help low- and middle-income countries reduce poverty, advance gender equality, combat climate change, and strengthen data governance and accountability. We are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

How we got started & why we do what we do

The Data for Change Foundation was founded by the OECD-hosted PARIS21, together with the National Statistician of Switzerland and the Swiss Law Firm MME Legal to accelerate the latest innovations in data and statistics for better lives for all. 

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How our partnerships make a difference

We turn big data, blockchain, satellite imagery and AI into practical deployed solutions tailored to the needs of low- and middle-income countries. We do this by bringing the best minds of the tech, government & development world together.

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Our priorities

We have our roots in the multilateral system and apply their stringent standards to our operating practices, human resources, partnerships and transparency. We are an inclusive, equal opportunity and green employer.

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The Data For Change Foundation difference

We support efforts to translate data into action to help the world’s most vulnerable populations. Check out our work below.